A Dramatic Opportunity

[00:00:00]: Introduction to AI Content Generation
[00:01:32]: The Impact of Open AI's GPT on Content Generation
[00:02:51]: Concerns and Future of AI in Human Life and Activity


  • AI is changing how businesses, organizations, hobbies, and passions operate.
  • Open AI's GPT has brought AI content generation into the public mainstream, causing a dramatic uptake in interest and capacity.
  • The growth curves projected by management consultancies and reported by ARC Invest show that we are on the cusp of important changes in business productivity and the value AI will deliver.
  • Microsoft plans to invest a further $10 billion into Open AI, putting the company's valuation at $29 billion.
  • GPT got a million subscribers within five days, a rate of uptake that goes beyond anything experienced before.
  • Despite its potential, people are scared by AI and its impact.
  • AI is used to generate more content, scale up content production, and increase quality.
  • The course will dive into the important principles and concepts when using AI for content generation.
  • Paul Jenkins has been personally involved in using AI for his business for a couple of years.

How ChatGPT and Other LLMs Work—and Where They Could Go Next _ WIRED.pdf
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